Getting Back to the Basics

October 03
3:45 PM - 4:30 PM

Gerry Gould
Gerry Gould & Associates

Over the past few years, demand and inventory issues have diminished ’The Art of Selling.' As inventories start to increase, supply and demand is less of a concern for customers. That mindset, along with our current economic interest rate woes, amplifies the need for better trained, professional and well-informed sales and F&I staff. “Getting Back to the Basics” will take you back and into the future by sharing a sales and F&I process that is focused on the customer experience. 
During the session, Gerry Gould – president of Gerry Gould & Associates – will share specific steps, tips and techniques that grab and hold a potential customer’s interest, reveal their true intentions, exposes their value drivers, and deliver a transparent, upfront approach to obtaining more sales and profits.