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Kaneeshia Johnson

Kaneeshia Johnson

F&I Development Manager | Mezen Dealer Services

Kaneeshia Johnson joined Mezen in March of 2020 as an F&I Development Manager and one year later, she was promoted to F&I Development Director. Kaneeshia is a graduate of Bemidji  State University with a BS in Business Administration and emphasis in Marketing.   Upon graduation form college she worked as a Customer Specialist at a Honda location that specialized in a Single Point of Contact environment.   She quickly established herself as one of the top producing sales associates as well as highest F&I PVR producer at her dealership. 

Due to her great mentoring abilities, she was recruited to the Corporate Training team, where she developed and taught courses for Group’s F&I training program.  As a Corporate Trainer, Kaneeshia trained F&I Menu presentation skills to salespeople from all 27 rooftops.  This work led her to become Group’s Finance Operations Manager.  In this role she continued an ongoing F&I training focusing on lender programs and platforms, deal structure and compliance.  She traveled between all dealerships providing in-store training, coaching and development focusing on menu presentation and objection handling. 

When the dealer group acquired an out of state batch of dealerships, Kaneeshia was assigned to develop onboarding/training program for Sales Department associates.  This project required a lot of planning and perfect execution in a short amount of time.   Kaneeshia’s dedication and uncanny ability to develop training courses, made this project a success.  Before joining Mezen, Kaneeshia worked as a Sales Manager at a Subaru dealership, where she led the team of 30 plus salespeople. 

Kaneeshia is a student of self-development and works hard on her skills, which includes working out and preparing for different fitness events.  Recently she became a volunteer firefighter in a city of Apple Valley, MN, where she lives with her younger brother Anthony.