Industry Summit Featured Presentation: Managing the Deal in 2022 and Beyond

November 15
2:30 PM - 3:15 PM

Gerry Gould
Gerry Gould & Associates

Car buyers are taking a much different journey on the way to completing a sale today. The inventory shortage has pretty much eliminated the “spot delivery” as many car buyers are faced with waiting weeks and sometimes months for their dream car. As we know a lot can happen during that waiting period. In the past F&I was aware of deals being manufactured at their start. Times have changed as car buyers are making key decisions and completing sales transactions through cyber space all too often without F&I’s input or knowledge. For today’s F&I manager to grab and hold a customer’s attention along their buying journey it requires much more than sending emails, making phone calls, and just getting involved in the deal at delivery. It takes a commitment to become part of the deal at its onset and create an engaging and meaningful experience along the way. The session“Managing the Deal in 2022 and Beyond” will provide up to date practical solutions and essential skills for the F&I manager aimed at moving their customers to a desired outcome.