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If you didn't walk away from this event with very valuable information, you must have been sleeping!
-Randy Hoffman, VP, Ed Morse Automotive Group, Florida    

“This was another great Industry Summit. I had the honor of sitting on two panels and moderating a third. I connected with compliance leaders within our industry and we shared ideas on how to take good practices and make them best practices. I learned some great tools and techniques to help improve my abilities and grow my business at the dealership level from some of the brightest minds in the industry. We had great speakers and lots of talented people. I can't wait to do this again and see how we all have grown when we re-unite in Texas for IS 2017!”
-Justin Gasman, Financial Services Director, McCaddon Cadillac Buick GMC, Boulder, Colorado

"As a first time attendee, I was a little unsure of what to expect. Seeing the list of the greats in our industry, as well as the compliance factor was the determining factor of attending this year's event. I am SO glad I made the decision to attend. The event FAR exceeded my expectations and getting to meet and know the "heavy hitters" in our industry was icing on the cake. This is an event that EVERYONE in our industry needs to attend. Do yourself a favor, I did!" 
-Joseph A. Opolski II, Finance Manager, Roy O'Brien Inc., Saint Clair Shores

“I felt this year's Industry Summit was great with regards to the sessions and the information and trainers/speakers provided. They were very informative! Highly recommend the Industry Summit to anyone who wants to keep on top of issues facing our industry and how to improve and do it right! Thanks to all involved for their hard work and efforts in making this a successful Industry Summit!”
- Dina Wilson , F&I Director, Timbrook Automotive, Cumberland, MD

“I think the 2015 Industry Summit was the best I can remember.  The sessions were very well put together, with relevant and timely topics.  There was something for everyone.  At times it was difficult to choose which of the available sessions to attend. Great work team!” 
-Richard Finney, Vice President, Mosaic Compliance Services, Tampa, FL

Industry Summit was fantastic!! Under one roof you have all of the horsepower you would ever need to get motivated to do better. Industry experts, experts that are in the stores getting it done every day and trainers offering great ideas in a discussion format. Egos were checked at the door and everyone got to work. It was a wonderful experience. I plan to attend every year.”
-Jason Heard, General Sales Manager, Frank Ancona Honda

“I have just returned from Industry Summit and one of the salesmen came to me and asked me to review a deal that was dead in the water. I applied knowledge learned from the conference and it's already paid for on the first day back! I need to go through all my notes, and the best part is, I have 364 days until next year. WOW... it's going to be a great year.”
-GP Anderson, Finance Manager, Thielen Motors, Inc., Park Rapids, MN

“Industry Summit provided an excellent setting for generating new business relationships, as well as, developing existing relationships in the industry. Bobit Business Media and their “boots on the ground” personnel did a fine job of organizing the event and ensuring that everything ran smoothly, and on time.  Considering the current climate in our industry, I feel the line-up of speakers was particularly relevant and provided useful information.  The Industry Summit mobile app is worth mentioning. Everything I needed to know was right there on my phone. The Bobit team did a great job as usual. Thanks.”
-Richard Finney, Vice President, Mosaic Compliance Services, Tampa, FL

“What a great way to stay connected with my industry. The sessions were great - the location can't be beat - and the value added from the networking is definitely worth the trip. I would encourage anyone looking to stay connected and informed to mark your calendars down for next year's summit!”    
-Justin Gasman, Finance Director, McCaddon Cadillac Buick GMC, Boulder, CO

“I felt this year's Industry Summit was the best so far. Exhibitors did a great job; they were very informative.”
-Dina Wilson, Finance Director, Timbrook Automotive, Cumberland, MD   

“Excellent summit! The speakers were top-notch, and the content was both timely and useful, with good variety.  Looking forward to next year already!”
-Louise Lawrence, Senior Trainer, Honda Financial Services, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 

“This was my first time attending Industry Summit. The content was very well chosen, and the structure of the event was very well thought out also.”
-Charlie Wylonis, Scion Sales Manager, Carver Toyota Scion, Taylorsville, IN 

“Industry Summit was FULL of valuable, up-to-date information about Industry topics.  It was a great opportunity to meet fellow colleagues in a smaller, more intimate environment; the best opportunity for generating new face-to-face contacts!”
-Rick Barnett, National Training Manager, Safe-Guard Products, Atlanta, GA 

“The beauty of Industry Summit is that it brings together people and companies I need to see in a more compact and manageable event compared to NADA.  We get more done in less time and for less money than virtually any other event.”
-Jim Ganther, President, Mosaic Compliance Services, Tampa, FL  

“I always enjoy hearing about the evolution of the industry year after year.”
-Jose Malpica, Regional Finance Director, VT Group/MPP, Dallas, TX

“Industry Summit is still the place to inter-mix not only with the leaders of our industry but also potential future business partners.&rdquo
-Gerald Lamb, Vice President, MPP Co., Inc., Merriam, KS

“The legislative updates help all of us keep our pulse on the Industry.”
-Paul Pawlusiak, E-Credit Express

“Two days’ worth of all-day seminars, meetings and discussion groups facilitates an opportunity to ask questions face-to-face with some of the most knowledgeable people in the F&I industry. It’s well worth attending.”
-Jim Dirks, Director of Finance, Redding Yamaha Sea Do Can Am

“I paid to go to the conference last year and it was well worth it. The knowledge I gained has helped me. Meeting up with some old and new friends was icing on the cake! Every F&I professional needs to go. You cannot put a value on meeting people like Mad Marv, trainers George Angus and Tony Dupaquier, and so many more. Then there’s the afterhours and meeting with other F&I pros over a nice scotch to discuss our profession. It was an experience I shall never forget.
-Jim Larson, Business Manager, D’Addario Buick GMC Cadillac

“I’ve been several times and it is always worthwhile.”
-Heidi Burns, Regional Manager, EasyCare Midwest

“I have recommended Industry Summit to hundreds of our clients and subscribers since the first F&I Conference. The only feedback I get is that they found real, tangible value in attending and invariably come back every year. The summit is, without question, the one can’t-miss event for serious F&I professionals and dealer personnel looking to improve their performance.”
-George Angus, F&I Trainer, Team One Research and Training

"I attended this conference solely to learn more about where our industry was headed in the area of legal compliance.  A bonus for me was meeting everybody who influences the F&I industry. It was an excellent and rewarding experience."
-Mike Kapla, Finance manager, Kupper Automotive Group

"I look forward to this show all year-- it is THE place to be for F&I professionals. Nowhere else will you be able to meet one on one with colleagues and providers so focused specifically on F&I."
-Kelly Wadlinger, Studio Lead, Faulkner FIAT of Harrisburg

"Being new to the industry this expo was a great place to be. I enjoyed being around so many professionals that are in it to help one another."
-Ben Robledo, Owner, Mr. Mobile Auto Sales 

"World class training is exactly what this conference is. The additional material garnered has paid for the costs incurred ten-fold!"
-GP Anderson, Finance Manager, Thielen Motors, Inc

"The registration process and personnel were excellent.  There was a wonderful cross-section of companies and speakers in attendance."
-Peter Salerno, President, ProMark F&I Services, LLC  

"As always, I come to the conference to grab as many ideas/closing techniques as possible.  I was impressed with the high level of enthusiasm everyone displayed and the event staff was so accommodating.  Thanks a million for all you do to make F&I professionals feel special!  Looking forward to next year's event already."
-Marv Eleazer, Finance Director, Langdale Ford Co

"This is a great way to get informed on industry issues.  Workshops also provide a way to get new ideas.  It is a must for industry professionals."
-Marty Lisk, President, Innovative F&I Services

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Alexander B Robinson

If there are four days you dedicate to growing yourself professionally, this should be it! The opportunities to learn, network, and generate new ideas and income for yourself and dealership are countless. It is a can't miss every year on my schedule!

-Alexander B Robinson, Business Development Manager, Mccaddon Cadillac Buick GMC, Boulder,CO

“I would encourage my colleagues who are interested in having a fully Compliant Finance Department, attend. It is complete with changing laws, actual situations, and ways to keep up in the changing world we’re in today.”

- Jim Cochran, Director of Corporate Compliance, Hendrick Automotive Group, Charlotte NC, 2018

The Summit is Powerful! The support from other Industry Leaders and sharing of experiences is priceless. The motivation received carries over well into my return to the dealership. I always notice an increase in my numbers after attending!

-Stephanie Cooper, Finance Manager, Timbrook Chevrolet, Keyser, WV

Justin B Gasman

"Industry Summit is an incredible gathering place of the most forward-thinking group of F&I professionals that exist in our industry. I highly recommend getting involved with this group of the best-of-the-best!"

-Justin B Gasman , Financial Services Director, MPFS, McCaddon Cadillac Buick GMC, Boulder, CO, 2018

Dina Wilson

“This by far was the BEST Industry Summit I have attended in the past 5 years. Speakers were great and informative. So many knowledgeable professionals under one roof is Priceless! Thank you all for making this Summit a great success!”

-Dina Wilson, General Manager & Finance Manager, Timbrook Kia, Cumberland, MD

"This was an amazing event full of learning opportunities and great minds! For those of you wondering if it's worth it... the answer is a resounding YES! I can't wait to attend the next summit and continue to work alongside the best in the business.”

-Jenny Beckstrom, Finance Manager, Inver Grove Toyota; Inver Grove Heights, MN

The Industry Summit 2017 is the number one conference under one roof in the USA. Every year I take away numerous techniques, new & current information that assists me in growing myself and my customers too. A must attend event.

-GP Anderson, Finance Manager, Thielen Motors, Inc., Park Rapids, MN